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Prayer Chain Necklaces
Prayer Chain Necklaces
Prayer Chain Pendant
Prayer Chain Pendant on chain
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Item code PCN
Price $10.00
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A Unique Design by Elva Holder and Gwen Weatherbie

The concept of the design is to illustrate that prayer is the link between God and people.  Elva helped to coordinate the prayer chain at her church for many years.  She thought it would be nice to design a piece of jewelry that would remind people to pray.  We started out with lapel pins and branched out to pendants.

These Prayer Chain pendants were a collaboration between Elva and I, with help from Gretchen Rath.  The basic idea was Elva's and I helped her by drawing out her design and tweaking it a little to work well within the manufacturer's specs.  Gretchen translated it to a computer form to send to the manufacturer.  I also make the cords and designed the packaging.  A group effort. 

To order a specific color of cord please contact us to state your preferences.  Some of the colors  in the photo are running out and have been replaced with similar colors.  I hope to get photos of the newer colors posted soon.  The type of golden chain will vary, too.

These are made of a lead-safe base metal which is plated with genuine 24kt gold.  Made in the USA.

Product 6 of 26First   Previous   1  2  3  4  5  [6]  7  8  9  10  Next   Last   

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