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Product List
Wire-wrapped Petrified Wood Pendant
Wire-wrapped Petrified Wood Pendant
Side A Side A again
Item code 1CC-1212-2
Size 67mm x 15mm, 2 5/6" x 1/2"
Price $10.00
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Petrified Wood Wrapped in Blue color coated Copper Wire 

67mm x 15mm, 2 5/6" x 1/2"

Adjustable cord included.

   This is a pretty piece of translucent petrified wood that Brad polished in our tumbler.  I used a blue color coated copper wire.  The coating held up well to the tools I used so I think it will hold up to normal wear. 
Product 24 of 26First   Previous   17  18  19  20  21  22  23  [24]  25  26  Next   Last   

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